Foodie Review: Smoothie Galaxy in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

Smoothie Galaxy

And interview with the owner, Elvira Etayo

While hanging out in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria for five weeks, Tomy and I searched endlessly for something healthy to eat. For most of those five weeks, the only "healthy" thing we got into our systems was the occasional lunch salad with a few fruits and cheeses. But after eating salad every day, we started getting pretty bored. Thankfully, we found out about Smoothie Galaxy! 

Our favorite flavor on the menu is the melon with mint and guarana! Also the melon with cantaloupe and guarana is delicious if you like sweet drinks.

Not everybody who works there may know English, so if you plan on going there, make sure to take a screenshot of the little translations at the bottom of this post :)

Read on to find out more about Gran Canaria's first smoothie bar in an interview with the owner, Elvira!

What does the name Smoothie Galaxy mean?
Well, the Smoothie part is obvious and Galaxy is meant to represent a collaborative space for people to come together. We collaborate with local artists to create t-shirts, some of the interior design, and anybody can plant a flower for the storefront!

What interested you about the smoothie business?
When I was in Florida I discovered Smoothie King. I loved the athletic setting and visualized the same for my hometown of Las Palmas, where many locals do yoga, surf, swim, go to the gym, etc.

What makes Smoothie Galaxy interesting/unique to other restaurants? Chain restaurants in particular?
It's a space made for people. The smoothies are made from natural fruits and proteins… no preservatives or crazy additives like many foods in the Canary Islands. I want to give people a chance to live the healthy lifestyle they already started with their existing fitness routine. 

What is your vision for Smoothie Galaxy? Any big plans?
It would be awesome to get the chance to turn my new business into a franchise of healthy on-the-go snacks as long as beer and sodas stay out of my menu. Right now I'm serving smoothies with caffeine, guarana, and proteins, a few cakes, and coffee. I'd like to keep it that way. 

What steps have you taken to make yourself known to local customers?
At first I started with just Facebook. I have also passed around a few flyers for people in the area. Right now the most important marketing for Smoothie Galaxy is word of mouth..  organic advertising! I’m not worried about making money right away, I’d rather it grow naturally through people's recommendations and basic social network sharing.

I love what you've done with the place! Who designed the interior?
Outside of Smoothie Galaxy, I am an industrial designer. I love to work with natural designs and materials. While overseas, I fell in love with the interior design of Starbucks... they use a lot of wood. I took all my ideas home and started creating my own natural designs. Some of the decorations are actually inspired by a movie! Have you seen Las Ovejas Nunca Pierden El Tren?

What are some of your interests/hobbies outside of the smoothie business?
Apart from health drinks and fitness, I paint with a group at Estudio des Coloradas. It's a great space where many artists like painters, photographers, cinematographers, and actors meet to create together. 

When are you open?
Tuesday to Sunday 9:00 to 13:00 and 16:00 to 21:00

Quick English to Spanish Guide: Basic Fruits & Veggies!

apple - manzana (man-sah-nah)
avocado - aguacate (agua-ka-teh)
banana - plátano (plah-tah-no)
cantaloupe - melón (mel-ohn)
carrot - zanahoria (sanah-or-yah)
cucumber - 
pepino (pep-ee-no)
fig - higo (ee-goh)

mango - mango (mahn-goh)
orange - 
naranja (nah-rahn-ha)
peach - melocotón (mel-ohn-cot-on)
pineapple - piña (peen-ya)
raspberry - frambuesa (frahm-boo-eh-saw)
strawberry - fresa (freh-saw)
watermelon - sandía (sand-ee-ya)

See the whole list here...