Flying Prague to Bangkok for just 300 Euros Each!

After many long hours of searching for the best deal we landed two tickets from Prague to Bangkok for just 342€ each. What's the catch? a 24 hour layover through Oslo, Norway. 

As you have noticed in our post about Oslo, we had a delicious but pricey time in the chilly northern capital, but it's what happened after that really put the shivers into the trip...

On the 11 hour flight from Oslo to Bangkok our Norwegian Air Shuttle took a detour through Warsaw, Poland. At the beginning of the flight an announcement was made that we were not to open any snacks containing nuts, as an allergic person was on board. Damn! I stopped Tomy just as he was unwrapping his belowed Snickers bar.

Along we were flying when suddenly a riot of turbulence caught the wings. A few minutes later, the 3D map at the front of the Economy section was showing that our plane had made a U-turn. There was a low rumble passing through the air bus. 

"This is your captain speaking. It appears that we are having some minor technical difficulties and therefore we will be stopping at Warsaw Airport to have a few technicians take a look at the problem. I apologize for the delay. It should only take about one hour before we're refueled and ready to go once the technicians fix the issue," 

A panic sunk into my stomach. A technical error over Poland?! In the dark? What if it's not a technical error and it's just the allergic person? I bet it's the allergic person. I can't believe that some airlines still serve nuts as snacks. 

But it didn't take long to figure out that it was neither a life threatening technical error nor an allergic reaction that landed us in Warsaw. The problem was just an intoxicated person. We never saw or heard this so called drunk, but he or she must have surely been quite bad. It took more than two hours to get us back up in the air, as after this annoying person was removed, the plane needed refueling. 

In the end we came out unscathed, but nevertheless irritated. We arrived in Bangkok thoroughly exhausted and ready for a very, very long nap.