Hiking in Firgas: Bring Your Inhaler!

Staying at The Surf Office has been great so far. Peter and Hanna have been excellent hosts and entertainers, planning out trips, restaurants, and nightlife almost every day. This time we were in for a 10km hike on a beautiful sunny afternoon. We met in front of the bus stop at 11:20am to catch the bus to Firgas. 

The road was long and winding with many blind corners. Sitting in the back of the bus we joked that the driver must have been a stunt man for Fast and Furious with the way he honked and turned the corners with absolutely no hesitation. A few of us got car sick, but survived nonetheless. 

After exiting the final destination of the Firgas bus, our group of eleven staggered towards a nondescript hiking trail entrance. If you've never been there before, you'd definitely miss it. The trail itself is very rocky, dry, and steep. For most of the way down the trail is lined with cacti and a spectacular green view of the rocks and valleys surrounding.  

An interesting observation about the wildlife that I noticed was how the plant types seemed to change in comparison to how deep into the canyon we were. At the top there was mostly cactus and aloe, deeper down we saw many leafy trees and moss, and in the center near the pit of the water stream we saw a combination of thin trees and bamboo. There were not many colorful flowers, mostly green.

Being an inexperienced hiker and definitely not an athlete, I had a few problems with the hike. About halfway down the trail my legs began to shake. This became especially problematic when attempting to cross a pool of water with just a few rocks to help us get across. I used a crawling motion for balance. #niceass

When we got about halfway it was time for a lunch break in the shade. We found a few nice rocks placed almost purposefully along a stream and called it a campsite. Our group of four Brits, three Slovaks, two Czechs, one Argentinian, and one American was finally reunited after what felt like hours of divided walking.

Even after lunch I was running out of breath. That's about the point at which I realized that my inhaler for exercise induced asthma is sitting on the nightstand. Uh-oh. 

From here on out the hike began to move us back up the mountain. This includes several rocks, a couple of ropes, and the occasional walking stick. Now that my calves and knees were done shaking I was starting to feel some intense muscle bulk on my gluteus and thighs. Many people love that burning sensation... I do not. 

Tomy on the other hand was loving it. Talk about embracing nature. He was over there stepping into the water, hanging on to tree branches, checking out the view every two seconds.

Even though I am completely out of shape and not an athlete (I repeat, NOT an athlete), I'm glad I got to have the experience of seeing some of Gran Canaria's natural beauty for my own eyes. Next time I will definitely not be going with a group of long legged and experienced hikers, that's for sure, and I will make sure to bring my inhaler.

Once we reached the summit, another twenty minutes took us to a cute little square with a market. There was no way you were getting any of us off this mountain without a reward, so beers and seafood it was! A great ending to a long and amazing day.