Where Do Bratislava “Hipsters” Hang Out?

Dudes with beards, “fashion” blogger girls who only eat organic/bio food, the skater kids who drink Fritz Cola for fuel, and the startup nerds with the khaki chino uniforms... we tracked them down :D

Although we may not necessarily qualify as "hipsters," (or maybe we do?), we do enjoy organic food in a nice urban setting. And these days, Bratislava seems to be loaded with kitschy little shops, cafes, and bars for the quirky at heart.  

U Kubistu: organic, fresh, creative food bistro.

Recommended to us by some local friends, U Kubistu is probably the most hipster of them all. Located slightly out of the center, this bistro stays open from 8am to 10pm with everything from seafood lunch specials to a meticulously curated cup of coffee. 

When you first walk in the door there's an initial sense of confusion, as the window displays are all radically different, giving off the impression of a clothing store or home decor boutique. Don't panic and take a seat where the servers can see you. 

The interior is decorated with well placed cubism elements and child-friendly entertainment. You may also bring your K-9 friends here! Fortunately, none of these details are distracting enough to take away from a pleasant meetup with your friends.

The staff was always smiling and pleasant to talk with, even though we confused them by talking in English in private but ordering in Slovak. :) Fortunately our waiter handled it well by getting some funny English phrases prepared for Marina at the end. Keepin' it classy!

Finally, Food! There's a special lunch menu from Monday to Friday as well as a regular menu. There are always organic/bio meat and vegetarian options enough to please any type of guest. This is also one of the very few restaurants that gives out a pitcher of water, free of charge. With grapes and mint as decoration, too! Take advantage and drink up

Here are a photos of what we ordered. Just want to say that it was all really delicous. Everything left us feeling so healthy, especially after all that holiday eating :))

 Celery root soup from U Kubistu

Celery root soup from U Kubistu

 Mushroom and parmesan risotto from U Kubistu

Mushroom and parmesan risotto from U Kubistu

 Delicious duck in wine sauce with a side of garden salad with grapes and a savory pancake from U Kubistu

Delicious duck in wine sauce with a side of garden salad with grapes and a savory pancake from U Kubistu

We definitely recommend anyone visiting Bratislava to try U Kubistu, though it is advisable to go during daylight hours. I heard that at night it’s infested with beard bros :) Oh, and one more thing! Keep an eye out for the prices... this is not a cheap eatery. But then again, you're eating organic. Be ready to hash out a little extra somethin' somethin'.

Urban House: Coffee and Cake for Picky Eaters.

"Uuu that’s where my stomach said I need a good cheesecake and espresso." - Tomy

Our go-to spot? Urban House. For its impressive retro-chic interior alone, this café is one of the nicest we’ve been to. See for yourself (below).


Like we said, the atmosphere is hipster gold. You can find almost anyone in here; guys and gals from local digital agencies, teen girls with beanies and trench coats, happy gay and straight couples, computer nerds, and more. It's magical! 

When you go, don't skimp on the cake. They have a great selection of raw and traditional sweets to choose from as well as a menu with yummy snacks like hummus, veggie burgers, and salad. Get one of these with some of their special coffee varieties and you're set! As for price, it's bound to lean towards the higher side. After all, not everybody serves raw cakes that actually taste good.

*Tip: In the winter they even have a gingerbread latte with a gingerbread cheesecake. Who would say no?

Bratislava Hipster Cake with MadeinMoments.com
Bratislava Hipster Cake with MadeinMoments.com
Bratislava Hipster Cake with MadeinMoments.com

Like what you see so far? If hipster-chic is your thing, don't forget to check out these other rad recommendations!

More atmospheric hipster cafés. 

  1. Urban Space - Urban House's big brother is located just a five minute walk up SNP. Go in to peruse through a library of clever books and gifts while you sip away at that strawberry kombucha. 
  2. Foxford - Like the Urban brothers, Foxford is also a library cafe. The vibe here is a bit more playful, with a map-themed menu full of fruity summer drinks and exotic hot blends. Chill out with a book on Obchodná inside of Martinus or hang out with a buddy on Laurinská.
  3. Štúr - One of Bratislava's first hipster hangouts, Štúr (previously known as Stoor) is based on Slovakia's most beloved classic writer. Pick up an English menu if your Slovak is iffy. The entire menu is written in an old fashioned Slovak style that at times even I don't understand.
  4. Fúz - Perhaps not the most eye-catching spot in town, this corner café is a summer favorite amongst the late twenties hipster crowd. The name literally means moustache. You have been warned.
  5. KC Dunaj - Probably the most versatile spot in all of Bratislava. On Sunday evenings KC Dunaj puts on its game face - literally. It's board game night. The rest of the week goes out to DJs and live bands playing anything from EDM to reggae. The crowd here ranges from techies in t-shirts to girls with dreads. You never know what to expect. Keep an open mind and have fun!