Best Of Our Foodie Weekend In Stockholm

A few weeks ago we started getting the itch to travel again. Having settled down in Prague for the last few months had left a rather gaping hole in our travel vein and the flight deals were wearing thin by every passing cloudy day. 

Whenever we decide on a destination we ask each other these questions: Do we want to go somewhere cold or hot? Are we going to see the city or stay in a resort? How much money are we willing to spend? Do they have good food?

After our delicious night in Oslo nearly ten months ago, the idea of a nordic adventure was starting to make our mouths water. Oysters, pickled veggies, fresh fish... all the things we can't really savor here in the mainland of Central Europe. And so, a decision was made! Next stop, Stockholm.

Friend: So, what are you going to do in Stockholm this weekend? 
Marina: Eat.

If you're a hungry foodie like us, keep on scrolling for our "Best of Stockholm" foodie experiences (with recipes!)

Best of Stockholm Breakfast

Kanelbullar: Cinnamon Rolls with Almond or Cardamom

These yummy pastries were recommended to us by a friend who visited Sweden's capital just a few weeks before us. She raved on and on about them so much, we simply had to try them. And once we did, we couldn't stop! Most bakeries and cafes seem to have either just the original almond-cinnamon kind, although many places also had a delicious cardamom version (my favorite). Pictured in the photo below is the cardamom kanelbullar (left) and almond kanelbullar with saffron (right).

Read more about this delicious Swedish treat at The Gum Drop Button blog (recipe included)! For the cardamom recipe, check out Kokblog.

 Kanelbulle - the original Swedish cinnamon roll! Read all about a weekend of amazing Swedish food at

Best of Lunch in Norrmalm, Stockholm

Grilled Lobster at Burger & Lobster

Tomy found this place on Foursquare. The moment he said "lobster roll" I was begging to just hurry up and go eat there. We fell in love with lobster on our trip to New York last July and have been craving shellfish ever since! We came in for lunch and ordered one lobster roll, one whole grilled lobster, a champagne cocktail with aperol and tequila, and a beer. Both meals came with a side of fries, truffle mayo, and a small salad. This place is a must-try for anyone who truly loves lobster. Not going to Stockholm anytime soon? No worries, Burger&Lobster is a chain with locations in the U.K., New York, and Kuwait. Lunch for two cost somewhere around 90Euros.

 Enjoying a delicious lobster roll at Stockholm's  Burger & Lobster.  More awesome travel foodie stories at
 Classic lobster roll with a side of fries and truffle mayo! Get the story of Stockholm's most delicious eats and travel stories at
 Taking the first bite of grilled lobster in Sweden! Delicious. More foodie stories and recipes at
 One of our favorite foods in Stockholm was this grilled lobster! Visit for the Stockholm foodie guide.

Best of Dinner

Swedish classics at Bakfickan

Dim lighting, bar top seating, and just enough room to squeeze 28 guests, this intimate dining spot is a must-try for any first time visitors in Sweden. Bakfickan, which translates to "The Hip Pocket," serves a variety of Swedish specialties at a fairly reasonable price (for Stockholm, that is). We wandered in on our first night in town, in search of something hearty and local. As a starter we decided to go with the assorted pickled herring. Our server advised us to have a bite of cheese or bread between each bite to clean the palette. A genius idea indeed. 

For dinner I had an amazing plate of medium-rare reindeer steak topped with pistachios, cranberries, and parsley, served with a side of porcini purée and roasted parsley root. Tomy chose the classic meatball dish... turns out, it's actually a delicious comfort food that tastes best when mixed altogether with the meatballs, sauce, picked cucumbers, mashed potatoes, and lingonberries. 

Another yummy place to get köttbullar is at Meatballs for the People, a hip spot that serves just two specials per day - all with meatballs. Marina had rooster meatballs in a ceaser salad, while Tomy tried the classic kottbullar again. Yes, it was that good.
Check out this recipe here.

 Eentre of pickled herring, a classic Swedish meal. Discover more delicious Swedish eats at travel foodie blog
 Reindeer steak! Our favorite dinner in Stockholm. More foodie travel stories at
 Kottbullar is a classic Swedish dish. But don't confuse it with the crap from IKEA! Get the recipe and read more about Swedish foods at

*TIP: Always, always make dinner reservations! These restaurants and all others worth trying are always full! We ended up stranded on one of our three nights. Trust us, you don't regret calling ahead (at least 24 hours).

In conclusion, dear fellow foodies, Stockholm is quite the destination for those of you who don't mind spending a few extra paychecks on a flavorful experience you won't be forgetting anytime soon.