How To Vote From Abroad (For US Citizens)

It's been a long time since we posted here, and a lot of that is due to our current lifestyle. Tomy's been working his ass off with a bunch of great projects (and now his new job!), while I've been focusing on my style blog. Every so often I do get an idea for what to write here, but feel like it doesn't have much of a point... until recently.

The candidates for the U.S. Presidential Elections 2016 have been all over my newsfeed lately. I mean, I literally can't go a day without seeing at least one Donald Trump video or Hillary Clinton article. It's such a big deal that even my European friends seem to be chiming in on the conversation! But when I recently connected with a few TEFL people and asked about their intentions to vote, I seemed to get a lot of the same response: I don't know if I can vote, since I'm outside of the US.

Well, I'm here to tell you that YES YOU CAN! :)) Vote, that is.

Here are the links you will need:

When using the FVAP, be sure to check the dates of postage for the Federal Election Deadlines (e.g. the Presidential Primary, State Primary, and General Election). It's important that if you choose to vote by post rather than electronically by email, you provide an address you can receive mail at.

Scroll down your state page and find the left section labeled "Register to Vote, Request a Ballot, or Update My Voter Info." Most, if not all states have the option to use an online tool to register. If you don't trust your internet provider, I recommend you print the form and send it by mail. All options are available in this section of the site. As a citizen of California, I thought it was very easy to register. I received a confirmation email less than five minutes after completing the form (make sure the check the box at the receipt page if you want the confirmation to sent to you!!) and should be accepted shortly.

When voting season comes around you can click back to the FVAP to check the status of your ballot using the code given to you in the receipt.

So, there you have it! With the craziness of this year's upcoming presidential election, I hope this information will encourage young people abroad to take advantage of their rights as Americans and do the right thing for their country! 

I hope you find this useful! Let me know how it goes and good luck.