Seals, Boats, & Yummy Crab

Arriving in Oakland, California was a long and dragging process. As a US citizen I had to cram myself in a line for 45 minutes. As a Slovak citizen, Tomy waited over an hour to get through customs. After the seemingly endless lines, we finally made it out of the airport welcomed by my mom's excited hugs. And off we went to eat ourselves an American dinner at In-N-Out Burger.

For our fist full day in the Bay we decided to take a quick tour of San Francisco's hottest tourist attraction: Fisherman's Wharf & Pier 39. Although hottest might not be the right word, it's definitely the most popular tourist area in the city. Tomy and I walked our way over from Embarcadero station, taking in the view of the bay as we went.

Once at the Pier, we bought a couple of mini donuts and made our way through the cheesy stores and attractions. Families and couples gathered around the seals, taking pictures and laughing. We were lucky to get such a clear sunny day!

Walking along the water in San Francisco |
Walking among the piers in SF |
Eating mini donuts at Pier 39 |
Merry Go Round at Pier 39, San Francisco's tourist destination |
Pier 39, San Francisco |
The famous San Francisco seals lounging on the docks at Fisherman's Wharf |
Seals at midday in San Francisco |
Tomy having a nice time in San Francisco |

Since it was only Tomy's second time here (first time just for one day in the city), I wanted to know what he thought of the city so far...

Everybody’s in a hurry... even tourists. It makes me feel like I can’t waste time, which is great.
— Tomy
Seagull chilling at Fisherman's Wharf |
Alcatraz Island and Marina of
Tomy enjoying a sunny day in San Francisco |

Next stop, Fisherman's Wharf where the restaurant workers lured us in to the sounds of food like "Clam chowder! Whole crab! Shrimp sandwiches and beer!" Instead of going in to eat we decided to keep it casual by picking one of the standing food stands. We got ourselves one whole crab with melted butter, lemons, and a tomato sauce for $19. Although our fingers got messy, our mouths were happy with the light and buttery taste of fresh boiled crab. Next time you come to SF, make sure not to skip this delicious treat!

Delicious whole crab at Fisherman's Wharf |

Have you been to SF before? We'd love to hear your must-see spots in the city and around :)