Hotel Review / Our Super Chill Bhuwana Ubud Hotel Stay!

After trying out a Bali villa in Seminyak we decided to go more mainstream and kick back at a hotel resort and spa in Ubud. We searched for many hours, undecidedly opening and closing tabs on more than a few hotels in the area before finally deciding on one final winner; Bhuwana Ubud Hotel.

I've been to plenty of hotels in my lifetime, but never to one this pretty. I mean, the moment you drive up it's like you're being transported to a luxurious jungle paradise! At least that's my snobby American idea of a jungle ;) The outdoor pathways of the campus are lined with trees and flowers, all kept daily by an army of smiling workers. Further out on the grounds is an organic farm and a flat rice field. If you're into meditating, this is the place to do it.

Bhuwana hotel review / Bali /
Rice fields as Bhuwana Hotel / Review by

Our room was strategically placed on the bottom floor (the buildings are only two floors each) with a view of the restaurant and pool. This made for easy access to all the of the hotel's facilities. Just judging by the beautiful entrance to the hotel campus I could tell we'd be spending lots of time at our new temporary home.

Our hotel room at Bhuwana Ubud Hotel was very large and comfortable. /
Chairs in our room at Bhuwana Ubud Hotel in Bali /

How we spent most our time at Bhuwana

So, there's this thing that happens when you're a young couple traveling together... people always assume you're on your honeymoon. This was especially awkward/funny when we rolled into breakfast one day and the young man making the eggs asked, "Would your wife like some as well?" *blushing*

We spent a lot of time in the pool area. The lounge chairs are well spaced around the large pool of cool water. There are even bar chairs for sipping on smoothies while taking a dip. We also found a cool spot in the shade in the back where we could plug in our computers and work with a view!

Bhuwana Ubud Hotel review by / lovely green entrance
Chilling by the pool in Bali /
Pool scene, Bali /

Our overall experience at Bhuwana Ubud Hotel was positive! We'd visit again gladly and recommend it to anyone looking for a relaxing stay in Ubud, Bali.


  • The rooms are spacious and clean.
  • Air conditioning is well positioned + Hot shower + bath tub. #sweatypeople
  • Each room has a big enough table for working as well as two sofa chairs.
  • Best wifi we've had in Bali.
  • The hotel is so beautiful and green! There's a farm, rice fields, and a pretty garden to enjoy. All well kept on a daily basis. #gogreen
  • Great pool: atmosphere, temperature, comfort, everything! #legsorhotdogs
  • It's quiet! No motorcycles buzzing by. At night you can hear insects, lizards, and frogs doing their thing. 
  • Many great Asian and Western breakfast choices including freshly cooked eggs!
  • Hotel staff are well trained and well mannered. #allsmiles
  • The spa is mid-range price but worth it considering you don't even have to leave your resort. #lazyday

Not so awesome...

  • No sidewalk on the street immediately outside of the hotel. It is not safe or comfortable for walking into town, though not far.
  • The music played from the restaurant plays on repeat all day and evening. If you're sitting by the pool this may annoy you. #soyesterday
  • Bhuwana Ubud Hotel does not serve alcohol, though you can bring you own! #byob