The Pros and Cons of Traveling As A Couple

Travel is awesome. Travel is tiring. Travel is romantic. Travel is a pain in the ass. Travel is... well, travel is everything, really. If you want to put your relationship to the test, all you need to do is travel. Figure out a way to finance the whole thing and get out on the open road.

Six months ago Tomy and I made a plan to trade our comfortable life in Prague for a more adventurous one. We made our way to the Canary Islands, then Malta, Slovakia (home), Thailand, and now Bali, Indonesia. We chose our destinations by making compromises and agreeing to stick together no matter what happens. I say compromises because as you may have noticed from previous blog posts, we're very different kinds of travelers.

Tomy is daring with his food choices and doesn't mind getting his hands dirty out in the nature. I'm much more high maintenance, making a run to the drug store for toiletries the minute I step off the plane. Together we've faced many a conflict and we think it's about time we shared our teachings. Scroll down to see our list of pros and cons to traveling as a couple.

The ups and downs of traveling as a couple ||


✓ You're never alone. Life is better when you have someone to share things with: food, opinions, whatever. #neveralone 

✓ It makes homesickness or culture shock just that much easier. You'll always have someone to lean on!

✓ You're less likely to get kidnapped or robbed if you stick together in creepy situations. 

✓ Two minds find a solution quicker than one. This one comes in handy with things like finding the way home or translating a menu.

✓ You can always taste double the food by sharing. Tomy and I like to split our portions halfways whenever we go out to eat. #foodisgood

✓ You can always say you're on your honeymoon (even if you're not) and people will be nicer to you + possibly give you a better room. #littlelies

✓ There's always someone there to take your picture in front of that cool view, epic monument, or beach.

✓ If your suitcase is too heavy to stow up in the plane, you've got a second pair of muscles to help.

✓ You don't need to use Tinder. 'Nuff said. 


✗ You're never alone. You may think it's okay not to have any privacy, but the moment you need some things start to go weird.

✗ Again, being together all day is hard. You might just discover some things about that person that bother you much more than they ever did before. #badhabits

✗ Fighting sucks, but fighting on the road sucks even more. 

✗ People don't come up and talk to you, ever. #foreveralone

✗ You won't always agree on what to do during the day/night. Tomy and I have very different comfort zones and work loads. We don't always agree on the plan for the day.

✗ Everything takes longer. Waiting for the girl to get her makeup done, waiting for the guy to finish messaging his boss on Facebook... 

✗ You pay for everything twice. This applies for hotels, food, airplane tickets, museums, etc. You can't travel together without a firm agreement on the finances during the trip.

The ups and downs of traveling as a couple //
What's great and what sucks about traveling the world as a couple ||

Sometimes you're up, letting the gentle drops of a giant waterfall touch your face before evaporating in the warm Thai sun. Sometimes you're down, wondering if you should tell your partner that it's time to go home because if you see another rat you think you'll scream. Like I said, it's a pretty risky thing to do to your relationship, this whole travel thing, but if you understand the challenges you might just avoid them altogether. 

I hope this post inspired you to talk to your special someone about your next big trip away from home. The memories are authentic and life changing, we promise ;)