Hipsterville Bangkok: Our Favorites Hipster Spots in Bangkok

Being a hipster in Bangkok is pretty easy. You've got all sorts of places to hang out, whether you're all about the hippie life, maintaining that perfect lumberjack beard, or into minimalistic outfits on an evening at the bar. We divided our time in the big bad city between two locations: fantastic financial Sukhumvit and chillin' Khaosan Road. Being pretty picky ourselves, we tried an assortment of cafes and hangouts to see which we thought fit best for the standard Western hipster. Here's what we came up with:

1. Rocket Coffeebar

We discovered this awesome coffee shop just a few days after our arrival. It can get pretty full but still keeps quite a nice atmosphere. Very Scandinavian. There is comfortable seating outside for sun lovers and some cafeteria style dining with a lot of sunlight inside. You can sit and watch the chefs prepare your sandwich or salad from the bar. The staff is friendly and smiling all the time. 

They have a whole day menu full of interesting stuff to pick. As we read a lot of different recommendations we decided to go for Eggs Benedict and Grill Cheese Sandwich. Both were satisfying but nothing heavenly good. Eggs a little to creamy and not much runny. But second time we were there for lunch and got makrel and swedish meat balls. And that was a home run! Simple, fresh and full of flavor. You can see on photos below.

As for the drinks, I personally think the Rocket Fuel is must try. It's a cold brewed coffee served in a little hipster bottle. The packaging helps makes it an enjoyable experience as well as the energy boost afterwards. Also if you're fan of smoothies and fruit drinks we're recommend the Green Alkalizing juice (or the green smoothie, but only if you come in the morning. It sells out pretty quick).

What: #coffee #breakfast #lunch #minimalistpleasures
Where:  Show on map
Price: Not that cheap, but still like half the price of places like this in Europe
Must try: Rocket Fuel coffee, Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Truffles, Brownie 
Instagram: http://instagram.com/rocketcoffeebar


Just one street away from Rocket Coffebar, Moko makes a great place to grab a lunch that;s equally as beautiful as your Rocket breakfast was. With a daily lunch menu, Moko offers a nice luxurious food selection to ease your overeating problem from the street food outside. But don't come here expecting to get full for the same money as you can on the street! The prices in here are much closer to the European numbers we're used to... it almost didn't seem fair to pay $12 for a dish that didn't fill us up.

Why we really love this café is the interior. It's full of little vintage details that all match together perfectly. The designer did a damn good job. Definitely a good place for having a business lunch. It's also pretty good working since the environment is quiet, wifi is fine, there are some outlets in the back, and there's a lovely space for outdoor seating.

What: #coffee #lunch #workspace #digitaldorks
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Price: Food little overpriced for such small portions
Must try: Honestly, I don't know :) You must try to look around for all interior details
Instagram: http://instagram.com/mokocoffee

3. Foong Coffee

And here comes my favorite one :) As I mentioned above, we moved to a different hotel for the last few days in BKK and this coffee shop was right next to the reception. Foong is a very tiny little coffee shop with full length windows, giving the café a wonderful sunny atmosphere. The seating is comfortable and they have good wifi. It's a place for like, 10-15 people, so wifi can stay good all day long. This is the place you're searching for when you need to work all day long from a coffee shop and not get distracted by anyone.

The staff if cool, and the owner(?) brings his little dog there sometimes. After coming twice in the morning for a quick double espresso, orange juice and an omelet, my third visit was welcomed by the waiter bringing me my "usual" without me needing to order it. You gotta love moments like these, when you have a bar/coffee shop where they know what you drink and will give it to you right away. Mostly happens after months of coming to the same place. This one really surprised me:)

Food is nice there. Club sandwich or omelet will fill you for the working day, and their Signature drinks from all kinds of exotic fruit combinations are the best start of the day (Marina said).
For the first time while on the road I found a coffeeshop that reminds me of good times in Prague. Nice rich flavored, fruity and a little bitter espresso as I was used to getting in most of the hipster places in Prague (for example: La Boheme cafe).

If you're around Khao San Road, and trying to find place to sit down and get your work done, definitely try it.

What: #coffee #breakfast #drinks #workspace #cleancuthipsters
Where: Show Map
Price: Good, not that pricy and worth every Baht :)
Must try: Any of the signature drinks, espresso, pancakes
Instagram: http://instagram.com/foongcoffeebar

4. Joy Luck Club

After all the cool coffee shops, this is a hidden gem of Thai Vegetarian Cuisine. I definitely consider it to be pretty trendy in it's own unique way. Joy Luck Club is a small family restaurant with an interior you just can't stop staring at. Like a little toy vintage museum... or a hoarder's castle :)

And after ordering yellow curry with tofu and peanut sauce I ... almost cried. This is the place where you can try authentic Thai vegetarian cuisine and melt from joy and happiness. On my second visit, I brought Marina with me for our Valentine's Day dinner and she loved it too. It's just such a cozy place with it's own little world, smack dab in the middle of crazy Khaosan area. But come early, it fills up fast as there are only about five tables.

After this experience I decided to go vegetarian for a while here in Asia. It's only been a week now but I'm still mesmerized by the flavors :)

What: #vegetarian #restaurant #thai #cuisine #hoarderscastle
Where: Show Map
Price: Cheap, I even feel sorry to give them that little for such amazing food
Must try: Tofu curry with peanut sauce, mango rice
Foursquare: Joy Lucky Club

We're the kind of travelers who don't go too crazy about historical monuments and museums. We believe that travel is all about experiences. In order to really understand a place we love to discover local foods and hangouts. And this is what we loved about Bangkok. Hope you enjoyed it and will try some of them bext time you decide to head down to the bustling city of Bangkok.