3 Prague Eating Adventures: Hipster, Exotic, and Classic

So, you're a hipster...

  • EMA Espresso Bar - For the no-nonsense coffee drinker. Also, the cakes are #homemade :)
  • La Bohème Café - If you're into fancy schmancy, this will be your new favorite spot. #fancypants
  • Bistro 8 - Breakfast, lunch, snack... whatever it is you're into, they've got it. We recommend the Czech calzone, aka vepřo-knedlo-zelo. #foodieheaven
  • Neb.o - Vietnamese restaurant with a Western interior. Minimalist design accented in red. Try the duck curry with mint iced tea. #easttowest
  • Vzorkovna - The definition of underground. This place only carries Czech spirits, so don't you dare go asking for a "Sky vodka with juice," around here! #theoriginal

Actually, you'd rather try something exotic...

  • "K" The Two Brothers - Don't waste your time on any other Indian restaurants in Prague. Seriously don't because you will regret it. Ever since these guys opened, we have been loyal visitors. The atmosphere is a little stuffy with a British influence (and yes, many UK visitors!), but the food is totally worth it. You will die (from bliss). #bestindian
  • Yaku - Japanese BBQ to the next level. There is literally no way you can go wrong here. Order anything on the menu and your mouth will thank you. Don't be shy on the drinks either. Our personal favorite was the beef tongue, mushrooms, and mackerel. #lapofluxury
  • Pho Vietnam Tuan & Lan's pho bo - Just in case you didn't notice, there are many Vietnamese families living in Prague. This family makes the best pho in town. #phofamily
  • AnonymouS Bar - More than a bar, this is an experience. The entire space is based on the movie V for Vendetta and has the film running 24/7. Many drinks on the menu come with a special experience... ask anyone on staff! If you're not sure what to get, let the bartender work his magic on you. They're never wrong. #theexperience

All you really want is beer...

  • Mistral Cafe's authentic svíčková - Ditch the greasy tourist traps like Švejk and Kolkovna and instead have yourself a classic Czech steak with cranberries and dumplings (they also have other cuisine classics). #dogfriendly
  • Prague Beer Museum - Sure, it's in the center. Sure, there's probably loads of tourists in there. Whatever you're worried about, don't be. PBM has the widest range of beers on tap. If you're into dark beer, we recommend you try Merlin! #drinkup
  • Náplavka - On Saturday mornings local foodies come here to shop at the farmer's market. On some weekends there are festivals here, including an annual beer festival. If you're bored on a Friday night, there's always something happening at Náplavka. #whereitsat

Are you going to try these out? Been before? Let us know in the comments below :)

All photos taken from official restaurant accounts on social media.