5 Things We Love About Malta

It's our last night in Malta. It's been a wonderful 30 days on the island. We were lucky to have so many nice days to explore all the internet favorites of the land including it's northern island, Gozo. We will definitely return one day - perhaps for retirement! Scroll to read what we loved most about living in Malta for the past month. 

1. Everybody speaks English. The Maltese language sounds mostly like a blend of Italian and Arabic, but due to the island's 164 years in collaboration with the United Kingdom, English words are often integrated into conversation. For example, we've heard many locals speaking in Maltese, then suddenly say numbers or days of the week in English. 

2. Malta's rich history and culture. History boughs like me go crazy for Malta. There's just so much to see and learn about! 5000 year old temple ruins, holy memorials of the Biblical visitors on the island, Roman castles, a rich collection of World War II memorials, and a knight's tale that continues to thrive.

3. The architecture is quaint, yet grandeur. Driving through the island one may feel slightly dazed by the constant urban atmosphere. But once you get out of the car it's easy to see the history of the Maltese people. Baroque style cathedrals, Roman influenced homes, colorful wooden doors and balconies... it's an urban photographer's paradise.

4. Sea views, galore! Just when you though you've seen it all, you drive by another gorgeous rock formation with a royal blue sea dancing just below.

5. Local beer with a British influence - tasty! Brands to try: Cisk, Blue Label, and more.

photo 1-6.JPG

What to watch out for when visiting Malta:

  1. Cars drive on the left side of the road. You can thank the English for that one ;)
  2. Popular attractions such as the Blue Lagoon are closed during the winter season. If you want full access to all tourist areas (and hot enough weather to swim), travel to Malta between April and October. 
  3. There are cats everywhere. There are so many cats that people leave plastic crates for them in places you'd least expect. It's a little scary when you're walking home and suddenly there's a cat walking beside you. 
  4. Maybe it's just the time of year, but for four weeks we spent our nights at the pub mostly alone. There just aren't many young people walking around here, especially outside of the Valletta or St. Julian's. There are many retired British folks here. 
  5. Wind. Maybe it's less windy here in the summer, but as far as we know, the wind is here 24/7. If you have a windbreaker jacket, make sure to pack it in your purse just in case.