How to Entertain Guests Who Just Want to Escape the Winter

When Tomy's older brother heard about our many adventures in the sun, he made plans to escape the dull Bratislava winter with a visit to Malta.

Peter and his girlfriend Janka arrived on Saturday evening, hungry and full of enthusiasm for their three days in Malta. Their checklist was clear and simple: eat octopus, swim in the ocean, bring back a magnet for the fridge. We made a vow to go beyond expectations in our short 3 days with them. We used the 3 easy steps below to make sure that Malta would leave as great an impression on Peter and Janka as it has on us.

1. Adrenaline

We found this beautiful blue beach just 10 minutes away from the Gozo ferry terminal (by car). If you stand up by the ladder you can easily see some of Comino and the Blue Lagoon. Although the water was quite cold and it was crazy windy, the extreme blue color of the water got our adrenaline going for a brisk swim that will stay in our memories forever. 

If your family or friends are coming to visit you while you're on the road, make sure to go on an adventure that will get their adrenaline flowing. There's nothing better than a juicy action story to take home as a souvenir! Especially if you can get photo evidence.

2. Something beautiful

If where your visiting friends/family are from there is no ocean, take them to the best sea view. If the ocean and all of it's pretty sea shells are a common sight for your guests, show them some unique architecture. Every destination has its own unique beauty to it and it's your job to show your guests just that. We chose to show our guests the old town of Mdina, several cliffs around Malta and Gozo, and a few famous landmarks. 

3. The five senses

What's the first thing you notice when you arrive in a new country? Whether it's the temperature or the smell that gets your first, it's your senses that create memories of a destination. Give your guests something to awe at by taking them to your favorite restaurant for an unforgettable meal. Or take them for a walk by the marina to see the fishermen. Go for a long walk into town and forget the sunscreen. The more you can all feel, smell, and taste together, the more you will cherish for the years to come. 

Have you ever had family or friends visit you on the road? Where did you take them? What do they still talk about today? Tell us in the comments!