Ultimate Xmas Travel Gifts via MadeinMoments

It's been two months now since out travels "officially" made their debut here on the internet. We have learned a lot. The more we travel, the more we discover about ourselves, basic human necessities, and personal boundaries. Before starting MadeinMoments, we both did our own share of traveling, so some of these ideas stem from those days too. Scroll down to find the perfect (and much less obvious) gifts for your fellow travelers, yourself, or us - all organized by category! ;) 

For Her || Marina's List

  1. Lightweight carry on - suggest one for me!
  2. Eyn for iPhone5, $30: A phone case with secret wallet compartment. 
  3. Travel sized perfume by Jo Malone - Wood Sage & Sea Salt 30ml, $60: Not too sweet, not to spicy, this is the scent of luxury.
  4. Kindle, $50-99: I read a lot. Books take up too much space and weight! This makes me sad.
  5. Sholdit Clutch Wrap, $40: I've been robbed just once. Next time I want to be ready with this secret scarf passport/money pouch!
  6. Go Girl, $17: This is a female urination device. It may sound embarrassing, but nature doesn't care about my vanity. 

For Him || Tomy's List

  1. Garmin Watch - Fenix 2 $400 - Must have for adventure travelers. Tracking almost any kind of activity during your journey with such a bad ass design.
  2. National Geographic Backpack/Messenger Bag, $100: Pack your laptop, camera, and other small electronics in one handsome bag. Feel like NationalGeographic traveler :)
  3. Victorinox Flapover Drawstring Backpack, $100: Laptop friendly, difficult to steal from, expandable. Need I say more?
  4. Water Resistant iPhone Case $60- Imagine taking photos underwater with your smart phone with no problems.
  5. FUJIFILM X-T1 $1,600 -  Leave the bigger DSLR cameras at home without a second thought.

Great Gift Ideas for All Travelers!


  1. Nomad USB Chargers: Keep it together! One keychain holds the power to your phone and your way into the house.
  2. Mophie Space Pack for iPhone5, $150: A phone case with extra MB of storage that can also charge your phone.
  3. LuMee, $40: iPhone case with illuminated front side for amazing selfies.
  4. Selfie Stick, $15: It may look a little dorky, but these babies can capture some pretty amazing moments that your arms just can't.
  5. Smart Watch - Moto 360, $250: A stylish accessory with great functions. We recommend this one for the luxury travelers who love great tech but don't want to sacrifice fashion.


  1. Solid Cologne - Fulton & Roark, $37-47: A very clever gift for any man on the road.
  2. Samsonite Eye Mask with Earplugs, $8-11: I wore this almost every night in Gran Canaria. I have never slept better.
  3. Cozy Blanket Scarf - Urban Outfitters, $40: You can never be sure about those nasty little blankets they give you on the airplane. Use this stylish yet practical accessory to stay warm while you're in the air.
  4. Anything Merino Wool, $20-250: This miracle-wool acts as a natural thermostat, humidifier, insulator, and fends off bacteria! Amazing.


  1. GoPro Hero4 Black/Silver, $400-500: Obviously the best camera for filming your adventures in and out of water, on a drone, up on a selfie stick, and so much more. 
  2. Swiss Army Knife - Geeks Edition $200: What will be the adventure without a proper Swiss knife? Geeks edition for us #digital #nomads
  3. Soylent: This food substitute is healthy and actually pretty handy when you're out in the wild.
  4. Camelbak All Clear Purifying Waterbottle: Save money and spare nature for $100 here
  5. Stashpack, $110-125: The customizable fanny-pack. Works fabulously while riding a bike and has secret compartments for valuables.

For Back Home

  1. Prinstagram: Print out your best Instagram pics to create a cute album for a loved one... like your parents! They also make magnets :)
  2. Scratch Map, $10-30: There's just something so satisfying in scratching off another destination.
  3. Around the World in 80 Raves, $15: A cool addition to your coffee table... or bar, if you're into that sort of thing.
  4. Sydney Hale Soy Candles, $25: Same some energy and relive your worldly adventures with these wonderful smells.
  5. Undress, waiting list: Change in public without ever getting naked. Great for the gym, beach, whatever.