#TravelTips for Bad Weather + Mount Teide: Into the Fog

There's this thing that keeps on happening to us... when we visited Paris in June, we got stuck with a weekend of rain. On our last weekend in Prague, the sun was far from coming out for one last goodbye. This time we faced the clouds in Tenerife. 

We met a friendly local Canarian on Couchsurfing who was willing to take us up the highest point in Spain in his car. Unfortunately if you're not living somewhere in Puerto de la Cruz, taking a hike on the volcano is nearly impossible. The bus only leaves from two locations and Santa Cruz is not one of them. If you want to go there you either need to rent a car or hitch a ride. We were very lucky to have such an eager host!

And of course, as if right on schedule, as we made our ascent to the top sector of Mount Teide, the sunny weather from below began to fade away before our eyes. So now, instead of a post about how amazing this gigantic inactive volcano is, we're writing about how to enjoy your day out, even in shitty weather. 

  1. Be ready: If you're traveling someplace during off season, chances are that the weather is less than perfect. Make an alternative plan for your day in case the skies go sour.
  2. Pack a poncho: Getting rained on sucks. Stick something waterproof in your backpack before heading out, just in case.
  3. Look for unexpected beauty: Okay, so maybe that special place you were longing to see just isn't looking so magical with all that fog, wind, and rain. Try looking a little further, a little deeper. Admire the way the fog swallows up the brightly colored rooftops or the way the neon flowers dance with every gust of wind. Take some time to absorb the way the locals react to the weather.
  4. Make a friend: Difficult situations bring people together. If you're stuck in a storm, offer a stranger some space under the ledge you're hogging. Go find a local coffee shop and chat it up with another loner. Introduce yourself to some fellow hikers! You never know where the adventure could go from there!
  5. Have a drink: Seriously. Carry a flask, if you must. Alcohol keeps you feeling warm and fuzzy when things start to go sour. We're not saying go get wasted, just a light buzz is enough to start turning that frown upside down.