Tenerife's Artsy Side!

When you hear the word "street art," The Canary Islands might not be your first thought. But the more we wandered the streets of Gran Canaria and Tenerife, the more we discovered that these islands really are full of creative wonder! 


In Tenerife we saw plenty of graffiti with painted words. Skill level varied from art school level to local artist with a spray can. There were several cafes and restaurants with hand painted interiors. The one pictured is a cute coffee shop in La Laguna. Also interesting is the amount of trees with knitted/crochet sweaters. We saw these all over Santa Cruz.

Colorful tiles are a more traditional Spanish addition to the island and can be seen on benches, building exteriors, and as an alternative for a business sign. 

Gran Canaria

Turns out that we didn't take as many pictures of the street art in Las Palmas as we thought we did. Anyway, we thought we'd mention that there are many buildings and walls with what seem to be commissioned mural paintings and spray paintings. 

Which of these is your favorite? Leave us a comment!

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