Destination #2: Somewhere Hot

Only a week into our Canary adventure, I realized that finding our next destination would take more planning than I had originally thought. Let the search begin!

My criteria differ from those of my partner, who seems adamant about visiting the most obscure places possible. Me? I'm honestly just not interested in going to any country or city where I will need to alter my clothing style in order to spare myself of spit, stones, or purchasing offers. As closed minded as this may sound to some, I am also not interested in visiting a country where people eat dogs, cats, or extinct animal species. Morally, it's just not for me. 

Most of my searching methods have so far been through Googling words, such as "destinations with no winter, EU sunny winter destinations, tropical winter," and so on. My findings have been scattered:


  • Valletta, Malta: Historical buildings, lots of culture, beaches, and a nice climate. More city than vilage, and therefore more my style. 
  • Mallorca, Spain: Looks like a nice place to visit. My parents went there on their honeymoon in the 80's and enjoyed it. I think I'll like it, even if it is slow-motion-Spain.
  • Seychelles: The islands are East of Somalia, just below the Equator, and in the Indian Ocean. All of which terrify me completely. On the other hand, I have not seen one ugly photo of this place. Everything looks vivid and beautiful! I found a useful seasonal timeline here.
  • Cape Verde: I've never heard much of this place. Located in the Atlantic Ocean, West of Africa, the islands are said to be quite green and hiker-friendly. Season is from November to February, so I expect tickets will not be budget-friendly.
  • Morocco: The culture does not seem appealing to me, but I would consider a short visit. After reading into Casablanca, I feel a bit more open to the idea of Morocco, but definitely am not into sitting in my apartment while the men all socialize in cafes.
  • Madeira, Portugal: North of the Canaries, this island has a similar landscape, though in photos appears to be greener. I don't speak any Portugese, so this might be even more of a challenge than trying to use Central American Spanglish in Catalan Spain.