Exploring Maspalomas: Dunes, Desert, and a Nude Beach

The Canary Islands are like a bag of skittles. Each island has its own unique properties, be it lush green forests or dry rocky beaches. For the last three weeks, Tomy and I have been exploring one of the earth's most biodiverse regions - the island of Gran Canaria.  

Gran Canaria is so unique in its climate and natural makeup that the United Nations has listed the island in the UNESCO files. On just one island one can explore a series of volcanic beaches great for snorkeling or surfing, photogenic canyons, caves that date back to the years before Christ, valleys covered in lush vegetation, freshwater lakes and streams, banana plantations, and rolling sand dunes. Yes, an actual sandy desert. 

The Maspalomas Dunes (Playa de Inglés) are just one of Gran Canaria's natural wonders that Tomy and I simply could not resist! The sands themselves stretch across for a total of 2,000 hectares of light tan sand. 

What amazed us most about this strange natural phenomenon was the strip of blue that cut across the horizon. It took us about ten to fifteen minutes to cut across the sands on foot. Little did we know that the strip of shore that lay at the end is a popular gay nudist area! We didn't know this before, but were pleasantly surprised to know that such a thing exists for the Canarian LGBT community. Nevertheless, we decided to embrace the experience by laying on our towels for a while (not naked this time). 

As we were leaving we noticed this newlywed couple taking photos at the mouth of the dunes. We would definitely recommend Gran Canaria for any couple planning a destination wedding. The dunes are surrounded by beautiful resorts and holiday rentals for groups to enjoy and island is small enough to explore by rental car.