Arehucas Rum Factory in Arucas, Gran Canaria: Free Rum Tasting!

What could be better than free rum tasting? Not much, to be honest. So, the other day my flatmates and I decided to take the free tour of the Arehucas rum factory in Arucas. 

Barrels reserved by local and global celebrities are signed and stored in a cool room for twelve to sixty years. The barrels you see in these photos are only for the more expensive, fine rum bottles. What you buy in stores is made in the small factory in the next room.

Some of the machines were not working on the day we visited (according to our host, this happens quite often), so instead of watching bottles being filled we got to watch them being boxed!

Despite the tour guide's non-existent English, we had a great time exploring flavored rums and a few aged ones. At the end we were led to a small shop with all the bottles we just tasted. We took home one bottle of caramel, one toffee, and one classic ron miel. The toffee and caramel flavors combined make quite a lovely chilled drink (tastes like Kahlua without the coffee).  

After our tasty little adventure we came home and... passed out on the sofa. Haha, okay, that was just me. Apparently everyone else had a great time at the beach while I drooled all over the armrest. 

If you're looking for something to do near Las Palmas on a cloudy day, we recommend you try this out. But make sure you're going by bus, not by rental car ;)