Destination #1: Gran Canaria, Spain

We first heard about The Surf Office back in 2013. Our Facebook Newsfeeds were loaded with photos of surf boards and sandy toes, while we sipped on hot tea to stay warm in Central Europe. An idea of escaping to a far off land began to brew. But it wasn't until this year that a few intense conversations with The Surf Office's founder made the idea of a working vacation seem actually possible. 

The idea of traveling had always been more theoretical than real until about the moment that The Tech Beach happened. Hosted by The Surf Office, The Tech Beach was an opportunity to see a new place while working together.

Right now our plan is to stay in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain during the month of October, then take our suitcases to another warm destination or two before the winter holidays when we'll be going back to Slovakia to see [some of] our family. After that, who knows! ;)

So far it's been pretty awesome here!