Sunday is an All-Day Siesta in Vegueta, Las Palmas

A few nights ago we came to Vegueta for a funny little festival called "Octoberfest," where local bars were serving liter sized beer mugs of Tropical beer. For a group of Slovak, Czech, and German folks this was obviously an occasion for laughs more than for serious beer drinking. For me, seeing the neo-gothic cathedrals and decorative wooden balconies put me instantly at ease. I was determined to come back to this European-esque haven!

Come Sunday that trip was made into a reality. Tomy, David, and I got on the bus for 1.40 Euros each with our cameras ready. From what I've been reading online, there is quite a bit of history still thriving on this island. For example, did you know that the Canary Islands are not named after the bird but rather dogs? "The name Islas Canarias is likely derived from the Latin name Canariae Insulae, meaning "Island of the Dogs", a name applied originally only to Gran Canaria," states the Canary Island Wikipedia page. Don't believe me? Just look at these eight brass dogs at Santa Ana Square

There is also documentation of Christopher Columbus, the famous explorer, making an appearance in the Canary Islands before heading West towards the Americas (or what Columbus thought was Asia). 

Unfortunately we didn't get to check out any of the museums because it was a Sunday. We probably should have known better than to head into town on a Sunday afternoon, but adventure was calling! About an hour into our expedition, the boys pulled out their cell phones only to discover than more than half of the popular restaurants in town do not have their hours of operation listed on Foursquare or Trip Advisor. 

The three of us made a pit stop at a cafe-bar so conveniently named "La Boheme," before continuing our lonely adventure through the abandoned old town. The narrow streets that only two nights prior were packed with more tourists and locals than one would think possible were now barren and free of any human trespassers. 

As we made our way from one destination to the next, it seemed that only a few random street cafes were open during the Sunday siesta hour... all of which we were not welcome at. As we passed by four or five small cafes with people sitting outside, everybody went silent and stared as if they'd never seen such heretics before. This is definitely not a tourist town, at least not on Sundays.

The architecture in La Vegueta has an almost undecided style. Due to what seems to be a constant lack of funds during the late fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, many cathedrals had to be rebuilt or finished later than the original construction plan. 

If you're afraid of crowds, you should take a walk through the old town during the day while the young folks are still napping at home. At night this town can get pretty rowdy, with several adjacent streets lined with bar after bar. 

Casa Museo de Colon (Columbus museum)