We are power couple working as a freelancing designer and copywriter team while traveling the world. We love to eat, explore, and meet new people. 

After the ups and downs of our stationary lives started affecting more than just our bank accounts, we made the decision to start working while traveling. The two of us are going outside of our comfort zone and leaving all our baggage behind in order to explore what life can offer when you’re not fixed to one place. The freedom to work and relax from anywhere in the world is ours.

With Made in Moments we're on a mission to capture the true essence of every destination we visit, while creating a list of helpful tips and stories for fellow and future travelers to get inspired by.


Hi, my name is...


Product Designer

I've been freelancing since 2013. Before that I worked in digital agencies for a few years, then co-founded a startup in Prague. That’s were I met Marina, who was our resident Copywriter. 

I guess you could say I'm the more adventurous one, feeling well at ease on any hiking expedition, snorkeling trip, or new cultural experience.My roots are in Eastern Slovakia where the seasons are harsh but beautiful, so my dream destinations are more on the tropical and relaxed side. Whenever I travel I make a point to have a sip of at least one locally brewed beer or liquor. Oh, and I sure do love me some delicious eats! 

After a year of interviewing for American dream-jobs I almost forgot that I already have the opportunity of a lifetime: to work remotely and travel the world with someone I love and want to share with. So, that’s why we’re here now :)


I write words. Haha, okay I'll elaborate. I started writing my first blog in middle school after an English teacher challenged me to keep a journal. Since then I've had a few marketing jobs, picking up skills like social media and copywriting on the way.

I'm a city girl, born and bred. I flourish in the more luxurious experiences such as dining out, beachside or poolside tanning with a cocktail in hand (of course), adorable trinket shopping, long drives, etc.

As a child I did plenty of traveling through Europe and loved every minute of it. I feel most "at home" when on an airplane. I hope to retire in Norway, spending my winters in Italy.When it comes to exploring new lands, I'm always eager to have a new culinary experience, whether it's a new fruit we learn to cook at home or an exotic dish from a local restaurant.


What can I say? I'm a true child of the millennium. Born and raised in California, then a good two years in Prague, now back to Cali.

Right now I'm staying with my grandma and good buddy, Mokka. You can follow me on Facebook if you like cute pics. 

You can look forward to seeing more of me in mid 2015!